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Custom Watchlist on Mobile Trader


Hi guys,
I just downloaded the Mobile Trader App for Android, and it looks great overall. I have a question about creating a custom watchlist for futures though, as I don’t like to have to scroll through 4 or 5 pages, then down a list to find what I’m looking for. The ability to create a custom watchlist is key for me.


Additional info :
I noticed in the help section of the app that there is supposed to be a ‘Menu’ button with which I should be able to create a Quote Page, and add or remove symbols from Quote pages. However on my Android version, I cannot see the Menu button ?


Hello JaphroG,

Thank you for your interest in OTG Mobile Trader!

Yes, it is completely possible to create edit the pages, delete pages, or even setup your own custom pages.

The ‘Menu’ button is actually the standard Android Menu button that is usually either a hardware button on some Android phones (Galaxy phones for example), or a software button that is always present at the bottom of the screen like the Nexus android phones.

The symbol is usually expressed as this:


My phone is a bit different, but yes, I have a software Menu and that works fine. Many thanks!