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How do you quote VIX Futures Calendar Spreads?

Hello Optimus Futures,

I would like to explore trading VIX calendar spreads with you. The broker I am trading with does not allow Limit Orders on the VIX calendar spreads in penny increments. Is that possible with you guys over CQG? TT?


Thank you for your question. We actually had a number of questions about this in the last few days.
We have placed a VIX Futures spread and these are the results. Please click on the image below.
This is available on Q Trader by CQG. So yes, one penny increments are possible.

VIX Calender Futures Spread.png

Thank you,
Optimus Futures
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Thank you for the prompt response. Can you please be specific and state which contracts are quoted with one penny increment?

|VX Reverse Calendar Spreads
[TABLE=“width: 282”]
[TD=“width: 282”]
CBOT 10yr Note Vol Index Rev Cal Sprd 1

Optimus Futures|


Just what I’ve been looking for. Glad to see penny increments are possible. Thanks you.

You are welcome!

Optimus Futures
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Hi @Nate_Frydrych,

Thanks for your question and welcome to our community forum!

From what I’ve heard, it sounds like you have already applied for an account through us to begin trading Futures Spreads. If you haven’t done so already and for any other traders that stumble upon this down the line, we do support spreads for Futures instruments!

That being said, you will need a platform that supports spread trading once you are ready to get started. We have quite a few different platforms that support spread trading, but I would suggest from either R Trader or R Trader Pro (if you need charts), TT, MultiCharts, or CTS T4.

The platform you choose also depends on the types of spreads you will be trading. Some platforms only support exchange traded spreads while others support synthetic spreads. There are a number of factors that come into play here!

Let us know if you have any specific questions that we can help you with when it comes to determining a platform.

Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

Hi @Nate_Frydrych,

VIX Futures are only available through CQG and available in penny increments.

That being said, you will need to use a platform that supports both CQG and Spread Trading. As long as the spread you intend to trade is exchange-traded, I suggest taking a look at CQG Desktop.

This our account application link: We kindly ask you to call our offices 800 771 6748 or local 561 367-8686 so we can advise on the best FCM for your specific trading needs. You can also drop us email

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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Hello guys and girls,

I have an acount with you and use SC pack 5 with CQG and would like trade exchange traded spreads.

How would I achieve this?

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