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New with Futures trading and looking for something powerful charting (Spread chart)

I barely use TT charting. I did just launch a chart of an autospreader synthetic spread though and launched the autospreader and the chart DID NOT show the order on the chart. It clearly does with exchange listed instruments. Not sure if this is a bug or one of their many ‘features’ aka ‘working as planned’.

The problem with testing in SIM or Delayed is that any synthetic instrument will not trigger until the order price is reached or passed. In reality if you had working legs in the market it would probably get filled before that.

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Well, I think I just learned the secret or maybe, two of them. Here I come $M :joy:

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I’ve seen TT and looked at the just before I found OptimusFLOW… If you want to spend 3 months getting set up… go for it! Some people might like that, but I’m not an algo trader nor developer. On top of that, I think it was expense, I mean, that’s relative, of course. I mean, I think CHANEL is affordable, but TT, not so much (hee hee) … Anyway, to Mr. 7 figure account, your account is #goals … Keep up the good work and trust me, OptimusFLOW’s development is just getting started & the way it’s looking, will blow past TT for “retail” traders looking for a serious/long-term home. All IMO, of course.