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Optimus Flow Hot Keys

Loving Optimus Flow. I like how you can enter a trade with a stop loss and take profit. I have 2 questions. Can you save a default amount of ticks for both SL and TP? When you switch from buy to sell it defaults back to 1. Also can you set up a hot key to get into a trade with an oco stop and take profit.

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Hello @Hyamie,

Thanks for your questions and welcome to the community forum!

At this time, I do not believe it is possible to save the default amount of ticks for both SL and TP. I will ask our developers to add this sort of functionality to the platform as I personally think it is a much-needed feature. Thanks for mentioning this.

I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but in the current version of Optimus Flow, it is possible to reprogram your default order quantity buttons by opening the DOM Trader’s settings and changing the following field below:

In regards to your second question, hot key trading is currently only available on the DSF - DOM Surface. You can customize and repogram hotkey trading buttons through the DOM Surface settings. Please see the options below:

Although not available at this time, we will be adding bracket orders to chart trading and hotkeys in the near future. I mentioned this in another thread, but please see below for proposed changes to advanced order types, bracket orders, and a workaround for what you are looking for in terms of chart trading with OCO stops:

At this time, bracket orders (automated take profit and stop loss levels) attached to an entry order can only be done from the DOM. We will be adding bracket entry orders through mouse trading in a near update.

This is the same for making two separate TP levels. Although at this point you can technically do so through a manual process, it can only be done after your entry order is entered and your position is filled. For example, please see below:

In the image below, you can see I have one position with a Take profit order attached. From there, I can create an additional TP or SL level on top of the existing one I already had by left clicking, dragging, and holding the TP button on my existing working LMT order/TP level.

This might not be a perfect example or a realistic situation, but as you can see below, I created a new and separate SL leg on my already existing and working TP leg.


In regards to future updates and to provide you with a sneak peek, here are some of the proposed changes that we will possibly be adding to multi-level bracket orders and trailing orders in the near future:

(Please keep in mind, nothing in the image above is finalized or set in stone. Everything in these images and proposed features is subject to change and do not reflect the current retail version of Optimus Flow in any way)

I hope you find this answer helpful! Although we do not have the exact features you are looking for at this time, our developers have been pushing out weekly updates. We will keep you updated and post new features to our community forum as they are updated. Stay tuned to our patch list thread for all new updates: Optimus Flow - What's New | Release Notes | Current Version: 1.52.22

Thanks for your time and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions!
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How about trailing stops?

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Hi . Is there any update on this feature? Thanks


Our planned release date for trailing orders is currently planned to release on Tuesday, July 22nd!

Thanks for your patience!
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We currently have no planned date for hotkeys across the entire platform, but we are working hard on bringing them to you as soon as possible.

As I mentioned in the post above, our planned release date for trailing orders is currently planned to release on Tuesday, July 22nd!

Hotkeys are still currently available in the DSF - DOM Surface on the platform.

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Hello, So are bracket orders now in the platform?

Hi @olufemig,

Bracket orders have been on the platform since the start!

They are currently available in the DOM or Order Entry panels. We’ve created a video on that here:

What we are working on and what I have mentioned above are trailing orders, bracket orders configurable through chart trading, and multi-level bracket orders which are currently still being implemented, but will be available very soon!

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