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Problem Loading Tick Charts


It seems like there is a problem with loading tick charts.



Hi @marc,

Thank you for the feedback and welcome to the community forum!

Although tick charts do take a bit longer to load than the average chart, I can confirm that tick charts do work properly and load on Optimus Flow as you can see in my screenshot below:

Before we address the issue with our developers, would you mind troubleshooting a bit with me?

  1. Can you please try and open a chart that is not set to a continuous contract/front month? For example, please attempt to open the ESHO contract on your chart rather than just ES.

  2. Please try and load a lower tick count than the one you have set now, something much lower than 6000 ticks. Try something like 10 to start and see if that makes a difference.

If neither of these work, I am assuming it has something to do with the Rithmic Paper trading demo account you might be using. Either way, please let us know and if all else fails, we will address this issue with our developers.

Thanks for your cooperation!
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


Hey Jake,

Thank you for your quick response. Loading ESH0 fixes the the problem. Also, I noticed when you load just ES contact (front running), you need to click on “Reload history(server)” in order for the data to load, as shown in those two screenshots. The bottom screenshot is before reload and top after.


I’m trying to load 3 days of a 2000 tick chart, and it’s taking minutes. Is this an issue with Rithmic historical data or just a side effect of still using a trial papertrading account?

Hi @Michael_Hines,

At this point in time, it may be a slight combination of both historical data download and the Rithmic Paper trading server. Rithmic uses unfiltered, MBO (market by order data) which is arguably much more data and resource intensive then some other data feeds out there. When downloading tick data, you are downloading much more data than your typical candlestick or bar chart. Please keep in mind your internet download speed and ping to Rithmic’s server can have an effect on unusual loading times. Typically, Optimus Flow is still downloading other data in the background, such as data being streamed to your DOM, other charts, and various other windows throughout the platform.

Rithmic is aware that these types of charts do take a bit longer to load than usual and is currently working on upgrading their servers. We do not have an exact estimate for you as to when this will be done, but you can expect a server upgrade and much-improved download speeds in the upcoming months.

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures

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