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Simultaneous login with Rithmic paper trading account

With my trial Rithmic paper trading account, i can login only to Rtrader Pro and Bookmap at the same time. When i try the 3rd login with Sierra charts, it does not work. In fact, Bookmap said Simultaneous login and stopped working
Bookmap and Rtrader Pro works at same time with paper login

a) Is this something i doing incorrectly with Sierra charts data/service settings?
b) Is Rithmic paper trading limiting the connections and I will NOT have this problem in a live account? i.e can login to all 3 with my Rithmic credentials?
Does this work for you guys live?

Hi @jokertrader,

Thanks for reaching out.

As far as I know, with a live Rithmic Trading account, clients can potentially have up to 10 concurrent logins at the same time! Although 10 might seem a bit drastic, I believe it is possible.

In regards to paper trading accounts, the max session count is set to 2, so you will only be able to login to two platforms at one time!

I do not believe you have done anything wrong on Sierra Chart nor should you have this problem with a live account. We have plenty of other clients that use up to three concurrent Rithmic connections across three different platforms.

I cannot find you in our back-end Rithmic system, so I will need to get in touch with Rithmic support on your behalf in order to increase your concurrent login/max session count in order for you to login to Sierra Chart, Bookmap, and R Trader Pro currently.

I will follow up with you privately via email due to privacy reasons because I will need the account name you registered with in order to get this configured for you!

Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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