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1 (One) datafeed, but 2(TWO) platform share


Dear all,

As a newbie who like to start at futures trading business, I’m still learning before go further.

I like to learn, if you willing to share whether is it possible for 1(One) datafeed (CQG or Rithmic) but share at 2(two) different platform (eg, Bookmap & MD)?

If so, is it I can share the same log in detail (datafeed) to 2 different platform on same time?
Does it include any extra cost?

Please advice.
Thank you.


@AndyHuan Thank you again for the questions here. Yes, you can share multiple platforms under the same login with a data feed like Rithmic. You just need to tell us the number of platforms you wish to utilize. We will enable the number of concurrent logins for you.

CQG has the ability to have access to the same account on different platforms, but they need a separate username and password for each platform if you wish to have a concurrent login. They charge $10 per month for this service plus data feed.

Let us know if this addresses your questions.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures