A Day in the Life Of A Futures Trader

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This article on Life of a Day Trader is the opinion of Optimus Futures. The life of a futures day trader can be exciting and challenging. You don’t have to answer to a boss, commute anywhere, and can set hours for as long or as short as wanted. And while it’s not easy, very few professions allow you to potentially write your own ticket. You can feel on top of the world when you’re making money. On the other hand, when you’re not (and there will be times you don’t, perhaps more than times that you do) it can be…

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Hi Matt,

Thank you for this article it is a good read especially for those new to futures trading like myself, your work is much appreciated.


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Hi Joe,

Thank you for taking the time to be so grateful!
We appreciate it and want to ensure you have the best experience with Optimus Futures.

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We intend to put a lot of effort into our customer’s education in teaching the risks and rewards of leveraged trading products like futures.

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Matt Z
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There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Please consider the risks associated with each strategy before making an investment decision, and only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Hi Matt
you said that if you want to trade the E-Mini S&P 500 futures, you might get up 2-3 hours before the New York Stock Exchange opening bell: is this also true for other instruments such as Oil, Gold, Gas and so on?

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Welcome to the Optimus Futures Community, @davisi13!

It’s important to note that the information provided in this forum should be used as a general reference point. With that in mind, you can create your own trading schedule based on your workload and availability. However, staying informed about market activity and any news events that may impact your trades a few hours before you begin trading is crucial. This applies to all markets you plan to trade in.

For example, if you’re an E-Mini S&P 500 futures trader and want to trade from the stock market cash open (9:30 AM EDT), it’s essential to check for overnight developments.

The gold fix price is also established in London at 10:30 am (4:30 am EST) and 3 pm (9 am EST) on all trading days. This may impact gold futures.

The E-mini S&P 500, Gold, and Crude trade almost 24 hours daily.
Decide the hours you wish to trade, and devise a plan accordingly. Also, check liquidity (volume traded) for the hours you wish to trade. In general, USA hours are the most liquid for CME futures.
(There are always we have seen with covid where markets were constantly volatile)

Try the demo for Optimus Flow: Free Futures Trading Platform | Optimus Flow | $50,000 Practice Account
Maybe it would help you decide the best course of action for you and what markets you wish to trade.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

ok thanks
However I live in Italy and at the moment I am a Phd fellow so for me it is better to trade in the afternoon that corresponds to the opening bell of the US session: rather than European indices I am considering to trade Oil or Us indices…

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Benvenuti in Optimus Futures! :clap:

You may consider the Micro E mini futures to see which fits your risk temperament better and which market is appropriate for your analysis.
Good luck with the Ph.D.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

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