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A few question to open an account with optimus


I am trading for almost eight years futures on the DAX and the crude oil. I have a few questions because i will change from broker. Is it possible to trade Dax and crude oil with optimus as my broker and i will need a simple platform because i need only a few order possibilities such as buy market and buy limit, stop market. For technical analysis is it important that i have a few moving averages and that i can draw my own trendlines. Sorry for my english but it isn’t my homelanguage. I understand almost everything but writting and speaking is a bit more difficult. Thank you


Thank you for your email and your inquiry: There are a number of solutions that would fit your criteria. One solution is MultiCharts.Net driven by Rithmic. This is the link:
Alternatively, you can also use Market Delta Cloud which isweb based and allows you to trade from anywhere. This is the link

All our platforms are here:
We are adding more and more platforms, but the two above will meet your needs.
Thank you for your questions, and we look forward toservicing you at Optimus.
Matt Z
Optimus Futures