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A few questions about CQG-desktop and CQG-mobile


I tested the cqg desktop and their mobile app yesterday and I have a few questions.

After I added the symbol for the natural gas future, it showed “symbol not enabled “ (picture attached). Does it mean I can’t trade NG with CQG or I have to pay extra for the data?

I placed one ES contract around 12:30pm Friday and the margin is $6930 (picture attached). It’s the same as in tos. But I thought I could get $500 intraday margin with CQG through Optimus futures, is it correct? What time should I place the order if I want to avoid the overnight margin?

I found that if I log on my mobile app, the desktop platform would be automatically logged out. Is it true that I can’t log on the mobile app and CQG desktop at the same time with live account?

Is it possible to place one click bracket order on CQG desktop like in the dom of tos and infinity AT (on CQG desktop I have to click the price, then click buy/sell, then click confirmation) ? If so, it would be a plus.

Thanks in advance,



Hello @EMMA,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum!

The CQG Desktop demo that we provide on our website is not enabled for every contract/exchange, nor do we set any of the risk parameters that demo accounts are established for. All parameters are created and enforced by CQG and unfortunately, we have no control over CQG Demo accounts.

That being said, with a Live CQG account under our brokerage, we can confirm that you can trade Natural Gas with CQG. It is also worth mentioning that CQG uses different product codes on a few of their symbols that are a bit different than their native exchange product codes. For example, I believe natural gas on CQG is actually NGE, not NG.

As you can see, here is a CQG Desktop demo with Natural Gas Futures - NGE, opened on my chart:

To answer your questions related to margins, this does depend on which clearing firm you decide to open a live trading account with, but to avoid overnight margins, you must be out of all day trading positions by 5 PM EST. You can take a look at our margin requirements with the different clearing firms we work with here:

In reference to the mobile app automatically logging you out of the PC version of CQG Desktop, yes, CQG accounts only allow one login at a time. Meaning that if you log into the mobile version, your PC platform will automatically be logged out. Some of our traders avoid this by creating an additional CQG login (the only downside to this is you need to pay double the exchange fees + data costs).

Finally, as far as I know there are no “one-click” bracket order entry methods available on CQG Desktop. You do have the possibility of disabling order confirmation windows, but you will still have to configure your bracket order, click the price, then buy/sell. Like I mentioned you can disable order confirmation windows within settings to save a bit of time, but you will still have to click on the order buttons.

See below on how to disable order confirmations:

Thanks for reaching out to us and I hope you find these answers helpful! Feel free to reply to this thread if you have existing questions pertaining to this topic or create a new thread if new questions arise!

Thanks for taking the time to post and join our forum,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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Hello Jake,

Thank you. Your answer is really helpful!

At the end of this youtube video you said the bracket orders are only active when you’re log on the platform. So it’s not server side bracket order?

Hello @EMMA,

Thanks for following up!

That video was published in August of 2018, so it is over a year old. At the time, that may have been the case with CQG’s bracket orders. However, I can confirm that this is no longer the case and all CQG Bracket & OCO Orders are held server-side!

That being said, CQG now gives you the freedom to place your bracket or OCO orders and shut down the platform (if needed) and your orders will still be held on the CQG Servers! You can see this listed under the key features section: Keep in mind CQG Desktop and Mobile are essentially the same platform, the mobile edition is just a downloadable app, rather than being accessed from a web browser.

Thanks for your questions!
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: