Able to customize the left hand toolbar?


Is there a way to customize this toolbar to tailor it towards showing only the buttons that I’d add and remove the ones I don’t want?

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Hi @EMBPilot,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum!

Within the Objects side bar of your chart, the only icons that can be added or removed are drawing tool favorites.

If you would like to add or remove any of the drawing tool favorites shown in your side bar, left click the “Pencil icon” to open the drawing tools menus and then click click the star icon to the right of the corresponding drawing tool that you would like saved as a favorite.

For example:

As you can see, once I click the start next to my Fibonacci retracement tool, it adds it to the sidebar as a favorite so you can easily access this tool without having to navigate through the menu each time.

You can remove favorites by clicking any stars that are enabled. Here is a toolbar without any favorites saved:


Another option is to hide or remove the toolbar entirely by clicking on the icon in the top left of the toolbar. Here is what it looks like:

I hope this helps and is along the lines of what you are looking for! if you have any questions please let us know.

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Awesome! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate it. I’ve been so impressed with the platform’s user friendliness. Thanks for the help.

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