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Acces to rithmic API

Hello Everyone:

I am looking for instructions on how I can connect my .net software to Rithmic API [ R | API ]. Please provide details.


Is your method fully developed, and you are looking to hook it up to rithmic for testing, or are you still building your method?

Several cases, fully developed some, and still building others. Problem is NinjaTrader doesn’t have MBO even it connects to Rithmic. Therefore I am looking to make them standalone application and connect over Rithmic API directly.

If you need just data, I suggest that you approach Rithmic directly.
If you are ready to open an account we can work together until pass the conformance test for your API, and help you with the rest. We can also supply Optimus Flow as your visual display of MBO data as well.
We will reach out directly via email to help.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Ahh thank you. I have tried that before but never received an answer. Simply left the message at the form but never received reply.

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I apologize that no one got back to you.
Our first priority is potential customers that are trying to onboard and get to trading.
As an FYI, We do receive many API developers, but upon following up, many rarely trade, all developing some sort of a program or method and very few get to production (real-trading).
Most are always in the mode of building the “perfect” method, which of course does not exist in real life.
This is why we are very straightforward and ask whether one needs data or production.

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Yes I understand what you mean. That is not the case, I am an established software distributor. I am looking to improve my products with MBO data. I am very likely to point customers to purchase data plans from Rithmic.

It still sounds like you are looking for development and data first for your software.
I pointed you in the right direction in the email sent.

Thanks for your help Matt. I already sent them an email. Regards.