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Rithmic api features, access


I am looking to try the rithmic api, does rithmic support connection via websockets outside of a windows dll? I would like to try out the API but I do not have access to windows PC, would like to program my own system but I need to be able to get accurate and coherent order book, tick trades if possible.

Can I get those features with righmic api?

can you point me in a similar direction @Mod-MattZ ?

Hello @gcg,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community forum.

I spoke to the Rithmic API team and they mentioned that they have an API which uses websockets, it is the R | ProtocolAPI.

The C++ and .NET R | API+ interfaces does not use websockets.

In your case it sounds like you will need to use the R | ProtocolAPI in order to use websockets since you do not have a Windows machine.

I hope this helps.
Optimus Futures Support

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I reached out to Rithmic, I am working out the API access at the moment. In a situation like this with non-screen black box 3rd party application using Rithmic data, do you have any brokerage recommendations?

We are Futures Brokers.

I’ll sign up with you guys, work on the Rithmic data feed and move forward with you guys as the brokers?

our suggestion would be to finish your method and then register for a live account.
If you are working with Rithmic and have an automated code, you will need to pass their exchange conformance. This would also give you a chance to see the P&L of your method.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures