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Adjusting Existing Attached Orders?

Hi. How do I adjust orders (stop/limit) attached to a live bracket trade? Many thanks!



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Hi @mes,

Thanks for the question and welcome to the community!

In reference to adjusting orders attached to an existing bracket order, what exactly are you attempting to adjust?

If you’d like to adjust the price level, you can simply left click, drag and hold either leg of your bracket and manually adjust the prce level. You will notice that when you attempt adjust a price level within the price column a solid red box will appear, this represents where you are setting your new price level at as shown in the screenshot below:

You can also adjust the quantity of each of your bracket order legs. To do so, simply right-click one of your bracket order legs and you will be prompted with the order qty box as shown in the screenshot below. Simply click the up or down arrows or manually type in the qty you would like to adjust your bracket leg to:

If this is not what you were looking for, please elaborate so we can troubleshoot this issue with you further! We hope you found this helpful.

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Thanks for the speedy reply! Is there a way of doing the above by using the trader dashboard/order screens ie manually changing the value of either leg? Many thanks.




Thank you for following up with further clarification!

To answer your question, you can do this by opening up the Recent Orders window within the Launch tray.

Once you have the Recent orders window open, simply right click on of your pending orders (bracket order legs), you will see them listed under the Working Orders section. Once you have right clicked and have a context menu open, select the Modify Order option or Ctrl + M keyboard shortcut as shown below:

Once the Modify Order option is selected, R Trader will automatically open the Modify Order window. From here you can manually change the value of either leg, its quantity, or the duration of the order as shown below:

I hope this is along the lines of what you were looking for! Let me know if you have further questions on this subject or feel free to open up a new thread if you have further questions about the R Trader or R Trader Pro platform :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


Brilliant! Thanks Jake, that’s what I was looking for.