Adjusting Targets and Stops on Tradingview

I’ve reached a point of mild frustration with my current broker due to the lack of an intuitive way to adjust stop losses directly on the chart. Every time I need to make an adjustment, I find myself navigating through the trading console, which is far from efficient, especially in the heat of the moment when the markets are moving fast.

This got me wondering about Optimus Futures and your Tradingview capabilities. I’m considering making a switch but wanted to inquire here first: Can you adjust stop losses by simply dragging them on the chart with Optimus Futures? This feature would be a game-changer for me, significantly streamlining the trading process and enhancing my ability to respond to market movements swiftly.

Has anyone here traded with Optimus Futures and can confirm if this drag-to-adjust stop loss functionality exists? If so, how has your experience been with this feature in terms of ease of use and reliability? Any insights, comparisons, or personal experiences shared would be greatly appreciated as I weigh my options.


Hello @Jetset,

Thanks for your question, welcome to the Optimus community forum, and for your patience with our response!

I wanted to confirm that yes, you can modify stop losses and take profits on TradingView by simply dragging the orders up and down directly on your chart.

In my opinion, the most efficient way to do this is to enable the “Instant Order Execution” setting within your trade settings.

To access trade settings, right click your chart > Trade > Trading Settings:

Consider enabling this setting to efficiently drag orders on your chart to modify the price.

Please keep in mind the potential risk of enabling this setting though, as enabling this effectively enables “one click trading” - meaning there are no order confirmations when placing your orders. If an order button is clicked by the user the order will be submitted immediately without the normal order confirmation window that appears

Once this setting is enabled, as shown in the example video below, you can easily place your stop loss and take profit orders by clicking and dragging the “SL and TP” buttons to the left of your order displaying on your chart. Once placed you can also modify them by simply dragging up and down on the orders.

You can also right click your entry order or position > modify order (or Protect position) as shown in the second half of the video above, to modify the price of stops and limits as well, however, this takes a bit more time and does not sound like what you are looking for.

We hope you find this helpful! If you have any follow up questions about this feature please let us know.

Optimus Futures Support