AgenaTrader on different computers

Is it possible to use the platform on different computers at the same time. I’m trading from my office, and also would like to manage my positions at home.

Would I need 2 licenses?


You can run AgenaTrader from different computers with the same activation key. It even is possible to let them run at the same time.

AgenaTrader has a central license system at a server. If there are two instances active, the 1st one gets blocked and you can work on the 2nd instance and vice versa.
Since AT is a client application, the user directory is a local directory at the computer which means that the two instances are just synched with the current trade-information which AT receives from the Broker.

We are planning a solution that traders are able to store the User directory on one of our servers where they can share the full workspace/charting,… information from one System to the other.

But currently we recommend for such cases to install AgenaTrader on a VPS with remote desktop access.


But how about using a cloud drive like DropBox, Google-, One- or SkyDrive and stuff. Could this be a solution for the data sharing issue?


Basically it is possible to use a cloud drive. But you need to stick to certain rules.
Because with cloud drives you might run into conflict files quite easily when you don’t give the system enough time to properly synchronize.

  • you need to ensure that all changes are uploaded before you switch the computer off
  • before starting AT on the other machine you need to ensure that all changes are downloaded from the cloud again.
  • Running AT on two machines at the same time leads to conflict files in any case.

But this is how cloud drives are working and is -not- an issues of AT, and this is why we recommend a VPS rather than cloud drives.