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Any shortcuts for drawing horizontal and vertical lines ?



I’m hoping someone can offer me some advice. I’m using the Trade Navigator. I’ve figured out how to draw vertical and horizontal lines on the chart, but it seems to be taking me quite a while to get it done. Does anyone know if there are any shortcut keys for drawing these lines?


Hi XChange, there is a tool you can select on the right border for each of horizontal and vertical lines. You can set their default properties. I find that is very fast, else control-click for horizontal, and shift-click for vertical.


Yes there are some shortcuts to drawing lines and it makes the job much quicker. All you have to do to draw a vertical line on the chart is to find the position you want, hold down the Shift key and one click of the mouse. Horizontal lines are the same except you hold the Control key instead of the Shift key. You will find this to really cut down on the amount of time you spend drawing lines.