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APEX FUNDING connection settings in rithmic and jigsaw

I am looking for the correct configuration of an account from APEX FUNDING on R trader Pro and Jigsaw DAY TRADER in papertrading mode (evlauation phase). Thanks in advance

We can point out where to place the credentials, but you need to talk to your team to get the credentials for the valuation process.
Here are the R Trader Videos: R | Trader Pro - Rithmic Connection Guide | Optimus Futures - YouTube
Here are the Jigsaw Videos: Jigsaw Daytradr - Getting Started and Connecting to a Futures Datafeed - YouTube
Please keep in mind that our demos are not ones to be used for evaluations.

In the event that you decide that you want to trade your own funds: Trading Account

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Hello, the question is how do we take the R-TraderPro credentials we got from the and use it to configure OptimusFlow. I have a demo account for Optimus and its not letting me use the RTraderPro username/pwd from Apex. Please help.

Apex gives you specific credentials, which can only be used for their purposes. They may not work with Optimus Flow because you are not a customer of Optimus Futures. We provide a two-week trial period for our users who want to test the software’s features.

Optimus Flow is software meant for the customers of Optimus Futures who trade live accounts with us, and we, in turn, get compensated for their transactions. Evaluation companies do not pay us for their customer’s trials. We are not sure how to charge funding company customers to use our software because we will not provide it for free and support it as well while funding companies keep all the trial funds.

We would be happy to accept suggestions from those who want to keep it for paper funding trials.

We are brokers who seek out people who want to trade, and our main priority is to support those who are putting their money at risk.

We will think of a suitable model for your purposes.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures