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Are your Futures OCO Orders held on the Server or Locally?


I’ve been utilizing OCO orders for Futures trading and was wondering how OCOs were handled?

Are they held on the server, so if my platform crashes or something they will still execute? Or is it held within the platform? I’ve heard of some horror stories so I want to do my research before I go live.


Hello @layorit,

Thanks for your question!

The answer is: It depends! It depends on a number of factors actually, the main two being the data feed you are using and the platform you are executing orders through. The question for you is, do you have a platform and data feed in mind that you would like to use? If so, we will be able to answer whether or not OCO orders are held server-side or locally on your machine.

To give you a few general answers on the data feeds and platforms we offer:

  1. The Rithmic data feed and Rithmic’s own platforms (R Trader and R Trader Pro) utilize both server side bracket and OCO orders. There are also several third-party platforms that can utilize the Rithmic data feed that also support server side orders such as MultiCharts.

  2. All CQG Native Platforms (CQG Desktop, Q Trader, Integrated Client) support server side bracket and OCO orders as well!

There are so many different combinations of platforms and data feeds, it would help us a ton if you narrowed down your options for us!

Thanks for the question,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: