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Aurora Hosting Solution for Futures Traders


This question is in part a follow-up to the “Co-Located Server Operating Systems” thread

For those of us who develop with the R-API on a non-Windows platform (Linux or Darwin), can the VPS colo machines in Aurora be set up to run something other than Windows as the operating system?


not at this time. in the future we will offer non vps hosting solutions on our equipment. in that case a user would be able to install his own os.


Thank you, Rithmic for participating in our forum.



Couple of questions on your Aurora setups

What are your different serve configurations? Both VPS and dedicated?
On VPS setups how many people on same machine?

What is the pricing on each of these configurations?

Are these servers inside of the Aurora CME data center or just close by?

Who do we go through to get setup? Is there a website where we can view all the above info?


Hi @liquidcci Rithmic has launched their hosting in Aurora via this site:
Let me know if this answers all your questions.



Thanks @Mod-Mattz, On the VPS do you know how many virutal instances they are putting on each server? I can ask them directly but thought it would benefit this thread.


Our VPS machines are provided through our affiliate,, LLC. They each have 1 socket and the socket has 4 cores. Some people refer to the socket as the CPU some people refer to the cores as the CPUs. We think of our machine as having 1 quad core CPU, however, each core acts as it own cpu. We provide our VPS users with a full core so in this case there are no more than 4 VPS users per machine, each with their own core. For more details please refer to’s Virtual Private Servers.

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I am setup with and am impressed. Thanks Matt for the recommendation. Hats of to staff. They were very helpful and know what they are doing. Anyone looking for very low latency to rithmic this is as low as us mere mortals are going to get.