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Auto-cancel remaning order when position is close

How to set-up a Auto-cancel remaning order when position is close for r trader pro DOM
or Auto-cancel remaning bracket order when position is close by a another order(order placed manualy)?


Hi @mask_fun ,

Thank you for your question.

When you mention auto-canceling a remaining order when a position is closed, do you mean manually closing the position yourself? If so, you can use the CNCL ALL & FLTN button to exit all positions and working orders for the product you have applied to your DOM.

You can technically use this for both situations you presented. In the second half of your question, if your order is configured as a bracket/OCO order, the system should automatically cancel any other orders associated with the bracket when one of your stop loss or take profit levels is hit.

I hope this answered your question. If you need further clarification please let me know.
Optimus Futures

No, I meam automaticaly,
I will explain my problem

for exemple: I enter a position on e-mini _ 1@4500 with a limit buy order (limit order rattached to a stop only bracket order),
at this point for exiting my position; I have 2 option:
_wait until the price goes to the stop bracket order price
_place a sell limit order or sell market order

when I place a limit or market order manualy for exiting my position, the bracket order stays active
so i searh but didn’t find a feature to auto-cancel order position is closed.

Based on your explanation, you can click the Cancel All button or the Cncl All & Fltn button as I have shown in my last response.

The other option is to set your order duration or order flag on your limits/stops to DAY orders so that they cancel at the end of the day if they aren’t hit. This is the only other way to “automate” the cancellation of these orders to my knowledge.

Unless your target/stops are hit or your orders are cancelled at the end of the day, the only way to manage them would be to manually cancel these orders.

I hope this helps.
Optimus Futures

yes , thanks for the answer