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Hey guys!

I’m not the least bit familiar with coding for OptimusFlow, but was wondering if there’s any way to create an auto Stop Strategy that will place my stop right below the low for the previous bar if I market long and right above the high of the previous bar if I market in short? Sometimes I just can’t manually get my stop where I want it before the market takes off and I’d love the ability to do something like this. I’m not shy to coding as I’m a developer for my day job, but I wanted to ask if this would be possible and if so, could someone please point me in the direction to get started? Thanks!!


Hi @Icbto09 Thank you for this question. One thing that always helps is if you use actual numbers.
For example, short-term ES Futures Contract at X and want to take profits at Bar Low, etc.
You can use hypothetical numbers.

This would help me understand whether you need programming or if these features are included.



Hi Matt,

I’m not sure if I’m understanding your suggestion correctly. I’m looking for the ability to set a stop loss automatically at the low or high of the previous bar when I initiate a market order.

Currently, I can set a stop loss for x amount of ticks, but I would like to know if there’s a possibility for that stop loss to be calculated and set EACH time I make a market order.

For example, the low of a current bar in the NQ futures is 11,715. After the next bar opens, I click the market long option. I would like the system to place a stop loss automatically at 11,715 (with ability to offset, so if 3 point offset, then the stop loss pending order would be automatically placed at 11,712). The opposite would be true for short market orders. I hope this makes more sense and doesn’t just add more confusion.


Thank you for your reply. @Mod-JakeM will respond shortly to this with illustrations, if possible.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Thanks so much, Matt!


HI @Icbto09,

Thanks for your question and patience while waiting for a response.

At this time we do not have the ability to automatically place a stop loss at the low or high of the previous bar.

That being said, we do have something similar called our “End of bar” order placement. You can find this feature located in the top right of your chart. Its shown in the location of 1. in the image below:

Once you activate this feature, the “end of bar” order placement window will populate as shown in 2. in the image above.

When enabled, the end of bar order placement window will automatically place an order on the client’s behalf as the end of a candle is reached. As you can see, the user can choose from a buy or sell order, their order type, and the quantity of the order. If a stop loss or take profit is configured in the side panel of your chart, those orders will automatically be placed as well.

You can follow along with the countdown timer shown in the bottom right of your chart, 3., to gauge how much longer a candle has until it closes.

Here is a quick video we made to demonstrate this happening in realtime. As you can see, when the current bar closes, a buy market order with a stop loss and take profit order of 15 ticks are automatically placed with my entry:

I know this isn’t exactly what your original post was about, but it is a feature that is somewhat similar to what we currently have. If there is a demand to add additional automation strategies like the one you mentioned in your original post, we can always consider adding it as an additional feature of our current end-of-bar strategy!

I hope this helps.
Optimus Futures Support


Thanks for the time and effort with this, Jake! Yeah I’ve used this in the past, but you’re right, it isn’t really what I was looking for. No worries though. Thanks again!

By the way, so I don’t have to create another thread, on the OptimusFlow DOM, is there a way to see the market orders for the bid and ask? I see two columns that say buy and sell trade size, but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for because those columns reset quite frequently. Thanks a ton!


Hi @Icbto09,

You’re welcome, thank you!

In regards to your second question, I’ve actually spoken to our developers about this recently and according to what they told me, the fields you are looking for are actually the "Bid/Ask Last size columns"

We’ve had many users of the Jigsaw Daytradr platform ask about this feature and according to our devs its the same thing. These columns show all recently executed orders, which technically include market orders as well.

You can also customize the type of last trade shown, whether that’s cumulative or only the last trade shown :

I hope this is what you were looking for.
Optimus Futures Support


THIS IS AWESOME!! Thanks so much, Jake. Now I don’t think I’ll be needing to add jigsaw at this time! Saved me some money for the holidays!

On a side note, I really enjoy the OptimusFLOW platform and the many questions I post here are because I’d love if I could only utilize this platform from now on. I still use NinjaTrader for the market replay because as we’ve previously discussed, OF market replay isn’t “real time” accurate at the moment. Once this is addressed in the future, I don’t think I’ll ever switch platforms again haha.

Well anyway, thanks again!

EDIT: So I just got some time to check it out and I’m not sure this is what I’m looking for unfortunately. First off, I only see the option for cumulative when I enable the “last trade size” option and I think that just calculates whatever is in the two columns “bid trade size” and “ask trade size”. I’m assuming this doesn’t work as intended however because even with the cumulative option chosen, it just calculates the sum of whatever is in the two other columns which frequently resets. It also is only visible on one price level and only when that is the price being traded.

The two other mentioned columns show for all price levels but are frequently reset automatically (I think it may just be the amount of contracts traded there at that time and resets once price leaves and comes back if that makes sense), so it doesn’t really provide the information needed.

If I’m missing something, any guidance would be appreciated!

EDIT 2: I found the attached explanation for these columns and I THINK I have figured it out. Thanks so much for the support guys.