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Automated Trading Performance- Live Versus Tracked


The automated systems show three points of return. The “Hypothetical” is pretty straightforward, but what is the difference between “Tracked” and “Live”?
I see many back and forth on the colors associated with the above.
Thank you for your help while I am considering this service.


You are welcome. We appreciate the questions because this may help other traders to help understand how iSystems works and how the tracking is reported. “Tracking” means that the automated systems are operating under real market data, not just reporting back-tested data.“Live” means that actual customers are trading the systems with funded accounts.

The back and forth that you see are actual customers that are coming in and out of the automated systems, as we mentioned in this thread, you can stop and start the system.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Thank you, and that makes sense. However, I see that some of the systems from “Live” to “Tracked” after a positive performance. Any explanations on that?


I can not explain that. iSystems reports what the numbers are, but we can not guess the behavior of an iSystems trader. Having said that, traders try to “time” the system and trade around it, whether its the right thing or not, It’s matter of opinion.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures