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Automated Trading Platform?


I was searching on the net the idea of automation+trading and came across the discussion here. Maybe the idea of “best” is relative as most choose according to their technical skills, never the less, I wanted to know what has made one choose one automated platforms over another. Sadly, I lack deep technical skills, but have been trading online for 12 years while learning the platforms inside out. Now that I feel discretionary trading has zero advantage, I need to move to the next phase. I hope to make this a long discussion. phi


There is always a matter of preference with this type of question. I see a few key items in your decision: 1) Stability 2) Features (charting, backtesting, optimizing, trade brackets) 3) Data feed / broker options 4) Support 5) Price

If I were to grade the systems out there I would select: 1) Multicharts 2) SierraChart 3) Trade Navigator

Also, when reviewing comments from other users, see how many have actually traded their money with each system! You may be surprised at the opinions that are not backed by practical real time experience.