Backtesting data is very limited

I started with this platform last week. I am familiar with Quantower and ran into a few differences that I eventually figured out in my code. I was finally ready to backtest and Optimus tick data is very limited. Only 8xxx quotes during a 5 hour period and my feed from IB produced 122k quotes during the same time frame. Has anyone else encountered this? I am hoping it is a demo limitation, but it would be a deal breaker for my strategy and would mean data integrity issues for many others if this exists in live trading too. Let me know if you have any experience.

Hello @anchorman,

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I believe we already spoke about this directly on email. As discussed, tick data availability ultimately depends on the data feed you use for your trading account.

Certain data feeds support different amounts of historical time and tick-based data.

The difference of quotes you received is interesting and something we need to look into further with our server providers of the Optimus Futures data feed and get back to you on, but as we discussed, for any users that may require large amounts of historical data, especially tick data, may want to consider using the Rithmic data feed. Rithmic provides the most amount of historical time-based and tick data out of any data feed we offer for live trading.

Thank you again for your post.
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