Backtesting with period basis in seconds does not work

Hello @Mod-JakeM how are you?

When I want to run a backtesting with this configuration, it does not work, how do I make it work, I am trying to run the backtesting with the default one and with the instrument NQ.M24.

I tried changing the settings of “Last quotes generation” and others but I can’t get the testing to run in minutes and ticks, it seems to run the testing, but I want to use in seconds, could you tell me how I can do it?

Version Optimus:



Hello @fermilans,

Thanks for reaching out and for your question. I hope you are well.

Unfortunately, the Optimus Futures data feed does not support historical second data, which is why you are unable to run a backtest using the second timeframe.

The only way to run backtesting with historical second data is via the Rithmic data feed. If this is a priority for you, you may need to consider switching to the Rithmic data feed.

As you can see, we have configured that here and in just a few moments, Rithmic has started to pull quotes for replay using a second time frame:

If this is something you would like to do, please send an email to: with this request and we can guide you through the process of switching data feeds.

Thanks for your understanding,
Optimus Futures Support