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Basic Function question on excel


I’m putting certain formulas on excel and I’m trying to track high and lows of the past days…I know how to do an if and than function and put the and function within it but i’m having trouble adding or with the if + and function quick Q is it even possible to put all that in one formula for example in an if statement I want and & or to be in it…like if with a bunch of and’s and also if the close is greater than the open OR yesterday’s close is less than the open



What you mentioned could be possible. Creating user defined functions and expressions is always a bit tricky because the formatting needs to be absolutely correct in order for the function to trigger the way the user originally intends.

That being said, it is hard to determine without knowing which platform you are currently attempting this on. Would you mind mentioning which platform you are currently using? That would help us troubleshoot this issue much easier.

Thanks for your question!
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