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Benefits of using broker vs directly with Rithmic

I’m curious what are the advantages of registering for R | API+ through OptimusFutures vs directly contacting Rithmic?

I noticed the Rithmic site doesn’t have much explanation about their onboarding process. Would a broker in this situation be better in terms of support and response times?

Hi @wtroughton Thank you for joining the community.
Technically speaking there is no difference who you ask your R | API+ documentation from.
Whether they(rithmic) provide it, or you ask us directly, you will get the exact same specifications.

In terms of taking your R | API+ live, yes, we would most definitely be a better source of support(in our opinion). We are fast to respond, and most of the time Rithmnic would refer you back to us because many of the settings are done on the FCM side. Additionally, we will find the right clearinghouse to match your margins needs and frequency of trading.

Both Rithmic and Optimus Futures have high level of support, and we do whatever it takes, mutually or separately, to service the customer.

Matt Zimberg
Optimus Futures

So if I had datafeed / platform issues, it’s a Rithmic problem. Issues related to execution / transactions would fall under the FCM. In both cases, the introducing broker provides support and able to route issues to appropriate party.

Thanks Matt for explaining the relationship between Rithmic, FCM and introducing broker. I’ll followup through PM for my trading needs.

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This could be a potential platform issue as well. In the rare event that there are issues, they sometimes can result or come from the platform itself, not the data feed. It ultimately depends! In the event it did result from the platform, we would still attempt to solve the issue and troubleshoot along with you!

Either way and like you mentioned, in both cases Optimus Futures would provide support for any situation and route issues to the appropriate parties!

Thanks for your question and let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

Optimus Futures :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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