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Best Server Side OCO


Which is the best set up to trade futures automatically (server side) using your trading systems list?

Thank you


We assume by systems you mean platform. Well, there is no “best” and you need to examine how the server side is being set.
For example, with Rithmicand Sierra, you need to make sure that your order is in first and your computer is open.
The Bracket will only go in once the initial trade is filled. Then the Server side OCO is triggered.
(Child Orders reside on your computer until such time the original (parent) order is filled.

On the other hand you can use CTS and Sierra where the orders will sit on CTS servers once the limit order is submitted.
However,]( does not support a Market or Stop-Limit order as the parent order for a bracket order.
This should all change this summer (2016) for CTS and Sierra.

On the other hand, on R Trader you can directly put OCO orders that reside on their servers.

Trading Technologies has server side OCOs, so does TradeStation, etc.

We suggest you call or email us so we can help you out with the selection of platforms.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures