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Bracket Orders+ Targets Attached


Can I attach multiple targets to brackets orders or does it have to be a single price?



Bracket order capabilities vary from platform to platform, some platforms have the capability to attach multiple targets to bracket orders and some do not.

Take a look at the R Trader & R Trader Pro bracket configuration screen down below:

As you can see, users have the capability of placing both target and stops, both of which can have multiple levels and quantities attached to them.

As for MultiCharts, users have the ability of to place bracket orders as an exit strategy. Look at the the screenshot below to see how bracket orders can be configured on MultiCharts:


MultiCharts users have the ability to place both profit target and stop loss legs, but cannot attach more than target at a time. By placing multiple orders you can have multiple targets, but each entry order can only be accompanied with two bracket legs.

Provided below is an example of bracket order configuration on CQG Desktop, as you can see, this functions very similar to Multicharts:


Feel free to take a look at our tutorial video as well for CQG Desktop Bracket Orders:

If you’re interested in OEC Trader, we also have a video tutorial for bracket orders on this platform as well. OEC Trader also handles bracket orders very similarly to CQG Desktop and MultiCharts:

Hopefully this provides you with some insight as to how bracket orders are handled among some of the most popular platforms that we offer. If you have a specific platform in mind, just mention it an additional comment and we’d love to help you out with bracket orders on your respective platform.

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