Bracket Trading on I/RT

Having issues with bracket trading. I am using Rithmic. Two problems:

I set up a few brackets for GC and ES, all with the same stop and various profit targets. I was able to place an order with one but when I closed it out, the SL and PT orders didn’t cancel and I was unable to manually do it. They ended-up filling and then I could close them out.

Today I tried to place an order with one of the same brackets and received a message saying it was rejected by the bracket manager. I have no idea who or what that is.

Any ideas anyone?

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Sent to I/RT this morn
ing_ I am having trouble with strategy trading. I have tried several variations but basically one or more contracts per order, all with the same stop but various profit targets. I have tried both DAY and GTC. Every time I try and place it, I receive a message, “strategy invalid for live trading” error -356. I can’t find anything on your website with those indications. Is the problem on your end, Rithmic or my broker? Thanks

We are looking into this issue for you.

As soon as we are able to formulate an answer we will notify you.

Thanks for your patience,

Optimus Futures Support


In coordination with LinnSoft, we have deemed that the error you are receiving is originating from the checkbox in strategies setup window where the user can designate the strategy is for testing via simulated trading only.

Investor/RT trading strategies for Rithmic and CQG have a check box in their setup where the user can designate that the strategy is for testing via simulated trading only . This feature is designed so that an experimental strategy does not accidentally get used by the trader when he is trading with his live account, until the trader enables it by modifying the strategy checkbox for Simulation Only. This makes the strategy eligible for trading with a live account.

Investor/RT can operate with one Rithmic account at a time. The trader can switch from simulated paper trading to live by changing his Rithmic Setup to the Rithmic 01 or the Rithmic Paper Trading connection. If the user has multiple accounts or has been using the Investor/RT built-in trading similar in the past, it is important for the user to setup Investor/RT brokerage destination to RIthmic and the account he wishes to trade. This is done using the Data → Configure Data Source/Broker menu item. Once he does that, then all fills and working order status changes are monitored by Investor/RT and are reflected in the ChartTradingDOM and/or in the chart itself as fill reference lines and working order reference lines.

In the future, if you have any sort of trading related issue similar to this one then the Investor/RT trading log will show us all of the activity and why your attempts to cancel an order failed. I/RT creates a fresh trading log file each day in the admin directory within the InvestorRT working directory. Any such error should be reported to and along with the trading log file for that trading day attached. This text file will enable us to diagnose most issues and advise the user quickly how to remedy the problem. All trading log files are named with TradingLog and a date suffix, e.g. TradingLog20180917.txt for today’s log file.

If you have any further questions, please, don’t hesitate to ask.
Thanks for your patience regarding this issue,

Optimus Futures Support