Brackets/OCO using chart trader

When using the DOM it is possible to set simple stop and limit brackets for an order. Is this possible when using the chart trader?

Hello @autobahn,

Yes it is!

Please click the order entry panel as shown below:

Once open, you can enable the Stop Loss or Take profit legs to configure bracket orders for yourself! Keep in mind the numbers in the stop loss or take profit legs represent ticks.

At this time, bracket orders are not pre-configurable as they are on the DOM currently. We hope to add this feature shortly.

Optimus Futures Support

@Mod-JakeM, can we also create more complex exit strategies eg 2 targets + SL with breakeven and trade off the charts? and in which versions is this possible?


Hi @olufemig,

Thanks for your question.

This is still in the works and not available on any version currently. As soon as we have more details on this, we will gladly let you know.

This is personally one of the most anticipated features that I am extremely excited about. The implementation has taken a bit longer than expected due to the logic behind such complex strategies.

Thanks for your patience!
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