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Buy Limit and Sell Limit and max order qty in Rithmic

What does Buy Limit and Sell Limit and max order qty mean in rihtmic?

what values should these be if I say wanted to limit to max 10 contracts at a time being open?

Hello @ycomp,

Thanks for your question!

Would you mind letting me know where throughout R Trader you find this terminology?

Typically, buy/sell limits are configured by us (depending on the clearing firm) on the backend of your account for risk management purposes.

If you wanted to limit yourself to 10 max contracts at one time, you can set these values to a buy limit and sell limit of 10.

Feel free to post a screenshot of where you found this on R Trader so we can accurately answer this.

Optimus Futures Support

yes, sorry I meant on the backend not in R Trader itself

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Thanks for letting us know!

In that case, it is exactly how I described above. Certain clearing firms we work with (ADMIS and Wedbush for example) implement this policy for all clients.

Other clearing firms operate on a margin basis (if your account balance meets the margin requirements you can enter a position).

If this is something you are interested in implementing on your account, please let us know and we can configure it on the backend!

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