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Buy Stop and Sell Stop Linked, One Cancels Other(OCO) Orders

Modifying one order (changing the price, changing lot size) cancels the other order. It should only be cancelled if the order gets filled. Was really looking forward to a breakout OCO this morning upon CPI news.

Hi @samalam,

Thank you for your post. After looking into this, I do not believe this is a bug, but its very hard for me to say with the information you provided.

As it stands currently, using a bracket/OCO order will automatically place a take profit or stop loss order with the exact order quantity as your entry order. If you modify the price by dragging your SL/TP orders OR modify the quantity, the orders still remain linked as an OCO.

I made a short video to demonstrate this, please look at the working orders panel down below and you can see under the order type column, that just because I modify a price or quantity, the linked nature of this order has not changed.

If this is not your same experience, a video demonstrating the steps you took to encounter this issue would be extremely helpful so we can provide you with feedback.

Optimus Futures Support

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By “breakout oco” I was referring to a specific type of oco: a buy stop above the highs of a range, and a sell stop below the lows of the range, linked as an oco. Don’t care which way it goes, just fill the order when it breaks out. In the video I just fiddle with it until it breaks.

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The type might not have been clear. I put linked OCO in the title and breakout oco in the text.