Can I connect 2 separate Tradovate Accounts?

Does anyone know of a way to connect 2 separate accounts with tradovate? I have my personal account and I’ve got a separate login for an account that is linked to my LLC. Is there a way to copy trades to both accounts with separate logins?

Hi @KevBrown211,

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We don’t have or support Tradovate accounts in any way. It is a separate service+brokerage, and we strongly recommend reaching out to them directly to resolve this issue.

We at Optimus Futures can offer a way to connect and copy trades from two separate trading accounts if you have an account through our brokerage - Optimus Futures:

The Copy trading panel in our platform, Optimus flow, allows you to duplicate the trading activity between your multiple accounts using the Rithmic data feed. This panel will automatically copy all of your “Parent’s account” transactions into the specified “Child account” in realtime.

Here is an example of the panel where this is configured in Optimus flow, as you can see we have one parent account with 3 child accounts copying the orders of the parent. We have adjusted two of the child accounts to take 3x and 5x the amount of transactions as the parent account:


We also have a video that demonstrates this process if you’d like to take a look. We walk users step by step through how to configure this feature within their platform and show how orders are copied in realtime:

I hope you find this helpful! If you are interested in opening an account with Optimus Futures or have any specific questions about our brokerage, feel free to reach out at:

Optimus Futures Support