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Can I use multiple accounts with OptimusFlow?

Hi, I am liking the platform so much that I’d like to replace another platform on another account with this.
I have an account with OneUp Trader (a prop trading firm for starting futures) and was wondering if I can OptimusFlow with that account also. Their site says it works with Quantower, and the firm uses Rithmic data. I see the option for multiple accounts like OANDA on the top for data connection, so it seems technologically possible but I am unsure since this is branded for Optimus. It would be ideal to be able to purchase the all-in-one license and have it work for multiple accounts, like how Ninjatrader works. Thanks in advance

Edit: some thoughts about the platform. I noticed the side-tab Order Entry on DOM is different (better in my opinion due to the additional buttons like flatten) than the standalone Order Entry. Also, the order entry side-tab on Charts and DOM Surface do not seem to have the same full-sized Order Entry, but rather a sideways slim version. Is there a plan to unify the versions of the side-tab Order Entry? I hope they update to include quick buttons like Flatten, Reverse…
Additionally, is there a way to have like trailing stops? And stops (loss, profit) that close when one is hit…On my demo, the other side seems to remain open and cause an accidental position opening.
Last, are these stops on the Rithmic server, or local? (in event of loss of internet)



Thank you for your question and welcome to the community forum!

As far as I know, a OneUp Trader should work on Optimus Flow.

I would suggest signing up for a demo here: After you create your account on Optimus Flow, login and try and connect with your current OneUp account. You’ll likely need to connect to the DEMO server.

Please take a look at our first-time user guide here: If you are able to get connected, then yes, you are more than welcome to purchase a license and use our platform as you like!

We will be reconfiguring the side-tab order entry of various panels throughout the platform such as on charts and DOM surface. As of right now, you can only place the preset orders that are currently located within the side-panel, but we will soon be adding more configurable orders similiar to the DOM. This means bracket orders will also be available upon entry order from charts soon.

We do not have trailing stops as of right now, but we have that planned as well in a future update. Heres a prototype of what we’re working on in regards to multi-level bracket orders, trailing stops, OCO groups, and more: MultipleBracket Orders

In regards to your last question, all orders on Optimus Flow through Rithmic are server side! So in the event you lose power or connection, your orders are held on the server, not your local machine.

I hope this helps and let me know how the demo goes with your OneUp Trader account!
Optimus Futures :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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