Can not place Buy Stop order below current price

I’m on demo account and I can not place Buy Stop order below current price. It opens as market order instead. With Sell Stop orders it’s the other way around. Do I have something messed up with the settings or what?

Thanks for any reply

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Hello @Tommy_Firewall,

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From your query, it seems the issue occurred due to the misplacement of Buy Stops. In most trading scenarios, Buy Stops are positioned above the current market price, not below. They are usually implemented when you are in a short position, and the Buy Stop is your stop-loss protection mechanism.

Alternatively, a Buy Stop can be used to facilitate an entry into the market at a higher level. However, always remember that in this case, the Buy Stop price has to be set above the prevailing market price.

If you intend to place a stop below the current market price, you need to use a Sell Stop, not a Buy Stop.

We hope this clarifies your issue. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions relating to trade orders or any other topic - we’re here to help!

Trade Safe,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures