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Cannot login to R|Trader or R|Trader Pro TEST environment


I have not been able to login to R|Trader or R|Trader Pro for 4 days.

When signing up for Rithmic API, I was given a username and password to download a zip file for the API documentation, samples etc.

I was told that the same user and password credentials for downloading these docs could also be used to login to R|Trader so that I could accept some agreements (which must be done BEFORE proceeding with API development).

When I login to the test environment (or attempt any environment, for that matter), the login page hangs indefinitely and I cannot proceed to enter the platform.

Here is the first page I see when opening the application:

I am then brought to the second view after pressing “Log in”:

Finally, I get stuck on this view indefinitely where a message says “Waiting for Repository, Order, RMS…” :

In an attempt to solve this, I have gone to the Windows firewall page and ensured that the program is not blocked by a public or private firewall. This has not helped.

If my login credentials were incorrect, surely I would not be able to get past the initial login page- so I am assuming this is another problem?

If anyone knows how to solve this, please let me know.

Thank you

Hey Man, I have the exact same issue I have no resolution as yet either. :expressionless:

Hi @pcl96 and @LRSinclair,

Thank you both for your question.

Have you attempted to reach out to the Rithmic API team who provided your test credentials? You can reach them at about this.

In the bottom left of the R Trader login, you can click the Log button and provide the Rithmic API team with your log file and they may be able to determine the reason why you are both having issues signing in.

I hope this helps.
Optimus Futures Support

Hello, I managed to solve this- having spoken to Rithmic support, they suggested possibly my broadband settings or strength could be preventing me from logging in. I decided to temporarily tether my phone to my PC so that I could use 5G, and it immediately fixed the issue. So the best bet for this problem I believe is to test a different WiFi/ Ethernet /4G or 5G connection.

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