Can't connect to Rithmic

I created a demo account for OptimusFlow and, since i need to try the platform with level 2 data, i also created a Rithmic account with same email from link here: Connection to Rithmic - OptimusFLOW.

But when i try to connect to demo Rithmic in the platform i get this error: “Market Data Connection Login Failed. Please contact the FCM/IB who issued your login id for assistance”.
I get the same error if i try to connect to Rithmic delayed (which doesn’t require an account), so i guess the problem isn’t the account.

What can i do to fix this problem?

P.S. I didn’t receive any email from Rithmic after accepting the two agreements, so i’m using the email and password used during registration to try to connect on the platform.
I think it’s supposed to work like this for Rithmic right?

Hi @JohnS,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Optimus community forum.

For any Optimus Flow users that connect with the Rithmic data feed who stumble upon this error message in the future, “Market Data Connection Login Failed. Please contact the FCM/IB who issued your login id for assistance”, this is the result of using a wrong Rithmic username/password (keep in mind credentials are case sensitive) OR your demo is being rejected from Rithmic due to a previous demo registration.

I can tell you in this case that Rithmic is blocking your latest demo attempt as they have recognized an attempt from you in the past. We do not have a workaround for this as Rithmic only allows one demo per user, however, you are more than welcome to continue testing the platform using our Optimus futures feed that we provide with your original demo signup for free!

For users that have exhausted Rithmic demo attempts, the only way we can continue to provide the Rithmic data feed is through a live account.

Thanks for your understanding and feel free to continue with the demo using the Optimus Futures feed instead.

Optimus Futures Support