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Can't use Excel on TT Web?


Is it possible to use Microsoft Excel on TT Web?

I’ve been dabbling a bit with TT Web instead of TT Desktop for convenience sake, but i’m running into a major problem. I can’t seem to use Excel on the web version?!?

On TT Desktop, I simply need to go to File > Excel Linking or I can also use the Connect Excel button in the top right corner of my window. These options are not even there on TT Web, what am I supposed to do when trading away from home on my Macbook since they only support a windows downloadable version?

Please help!



No need to worry. I am not sure what browser you are currently using, but it may not be one that supports Excel integration with TT.

You can use Google Chrome which can be downloaded here:
You can download Micorsoft Edge if you are not using a windows device here:

I personally prefer Google Chrome, I think it is one of the best browsers out there and it will allow you to integrate excel to TT Web with no problems! Just follow the same process as you would on TT Desktop to connect Excel to your platform.

Let me know if you are still running into problems after downloading one of these web broswers so we can look into this issue further.


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Hi @Mod-JakeM ,

Thanks for looking into this for me!

I was using Mozilla Firefox, so I guess that was the issue. As soon as I downloaded Google Chrome it worked as expected!