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Change to CQG Symbols (Web API) - Now 2-Digit Year Code


To support Futures contracts that span greater than a decade, CQG is changing from a 1-digit year code to a 2-digit year code in CQG.
Systems that support only single digit years will become unusable with the new format.
Here is an example for Crude Oil, Emini S&P and Bonds:

Futures CQG Symbol Old CQG Symbol New CQG Symbol
Crude Oil CLE CLEU8 CLEU18
Emini S&P EP EPU8 EPU18
30 Yr Bond USA USAU8 USAU18

This symbol format change has been communicated to all trading platforms in advance, so all platforms connected to CQG should have already made the needed updates for a seamless transition.

From our current understanding, this change will affect the trading platforms using CQG newest WebAPI. If the platform is using an old CQG API or FIX connection, then this change will not require any updates by you today.

You will need to update your current Symbols in your platform to the new 2-digit year format. You need to update the “Market Watch - Quote Boards” “DOM” and your “Charts”

Thank you
Optimus Futures