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Chart linking to quoteboard, Order lines on charts, Network Saves, and Bar Spacing


A few questions because I couldn’t find a way to do it…R Trader Pro:

Can the quote board, order book/DOM, and a few charts be linked to easily flip through symbols and have the DOM/Charts all switch automatically to the new symbol?

Also, is there an easy way to quickly expand the bar spacing on a chart? Other than manually updating the ‘show x bars’ (what you would normally do with a mouse wheel and cntrl/alt/shift combo or arrow keys)?

Can only one layout be saved to the Network at a time? I suppose multiple could be saved to a File, but wondering about the Network.

Finally, can order lines be shown on the chart from the DOM? It’s a nice visual aid to see your DOM orders on the chart real-time.

Sorry for all of the questions. I’ve searched for some of this stuff and can’t find it anywhere and just trying to get a basic entry layout going…

So far, a very nice little package. I realize it won’t be as robust as the larger ICs yet, but clean visuals.

Thanks again!

As an aside, I don’t know if this is expected behavior but Tile - Vertical doesn’t seem to like working on more than three windows for some reason (R-Trader). Maybe if the windows are too wide?? Just something to pass along,


Hello @Carlos_Leon Thank you again for the questions, We kindly ask that next time each question is its own thread.

That way our readers could find specific features for the platform.

Jake will take over from here.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Hi @Carlos_Leon,

1. Rithmic takes a slight different approach. You can open as many charts as you want. From the Quote Board you can simply double click on an instrument and open a DOM or by right clicking the instrument, you can open up several widgets of your choice as shown below.

Unfortunately, there is no “linking” that will automatically reconfigure other widgets on the platform by clicking on a contract.

2. To my knowledge you cannot expand the bar spacing on the chart with updating the show X bars
field. You can change the timer intervals, but I do not see a way to scroll using any keyboard shortcuts.

3. I would suggest saving layouts to files. If you have several layouts you’d like to utilize, you can easily open them back up by going to File > Retrieve Window From File. It appears as only one set settings or windows can be saved to the network.

4. There does not appear to be a setting to display order lines from the DOM. However, there may be an alternative by manually adding it in through chart drawing tools and the text editor. Although this won’t be “real-time”, you do have an alternative to provide yourself with visual representation. You can also always keep a ** order history** window off to the side, if you need to monitor your trades.

5. Finally, this behavior with the tiling windows is expected with more than 3 charts. This is due to the native aspect ratio of windows on this platform. As you can see once there if there are four windows on a screen, they automatically reconfigure to the same aspect ratio, whether or not you choose vertical or horizontal. The more windows you open, the platform will attempt to maintain this aspect ratio to the best of its ability. If you need to, use the minimize children option and then open up the window you currently need at the bottom of the platform.

For future reference, feel free to directly copy and paste any photo or gif directly into the text box. Our forum software will directly accept any images or small videos you paste into the text box.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Optimus Futures Support


Excellent. Thank you for the replies. I can cut and paste images directly…it’s actually easier that way. Glad to know it’s possible.

Thanks again!