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Charts - Initial Balance Lines


I have been trying to include the initial balance in my 30 minute candlestick charts as horizontal lines via an indicator in Optimus Flow. I have seen there are two ways of doing this but I’m bumping into considerable limitations, and I was wondering if anyone knew a workaround for this:

  1. Using the Opening Range indicator. This only plots the current day’s Opening Range as far as I’ve seen.
  2. Using the OHLC indicator. Which is my preferred option since the user can extend the lines through the chart for a specified period of time. Very useful.

Up until this point everything works perfectly. However, when looking at products with a cash open (start of the initial balance) at 8:20 EST, this doesn’t match the 30 min candle open and the initial balance calculation starts 10 min later than it should in a 30 min chart. An hour later (end of the initial balance), the current 30 min candle has not yet closed and the software is still calculating the initial balance for an extra 10 min. This creates some critical differences in what the real initial balance is and what the user is reading as the initial balance when using this method. Please see attached two screenshots of Gold’s Initial Balance Low (red line) - one in a 5 min chart and the other in a 30 min chart. As you can see this low is completely different in both charts.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.