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Cluster Chart - Histogram Volume Display Per Data Series


Is there any way to have Optimus Flow’s Cluster chart display histograms for each bar that are scaled per data series?

Currently, from a visual standpoint, two bars with the same vertical range but with brutally different amounts of volume will display clusters that appear to be equally as heavy. Is there a way to tell the software to scale the histograms so that the histograms are visually proportional within the data series (which is usually whatever number of bars is currently displayed inside the active window)?

Thank you in advance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, maybe this could be done via fixing the opacity of the histogram per the data series and having the biggest volumes with the most opacity, if scaling the histogram size is not feasible. Having both options would be amazing!

Hi @ilfle,

Would you mind providing us with a screenshot of the issue you are having so that way we can visually see what you are describing?

A screenshot would be very beneficial to help with a question like this and would allow us to see exactly how your chart is currently configured!

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Of course, please see below a comparison between volume scaled per candle (Optimus Flow) vs. volume scaled per series (large volumes show large histogram bars & small volumes show small histogram bars).

In the first case, if the volume is scaled per bar, if the largest size traded is 2 lots at a price level, then the 2 lots will show up as a full width histogram bar inside the candle. If the next candle has a 2000 lots max size traded at a level, these 2000 lots will also fill up the full width and are being visually represented with the same visual weight as the 2 lots of the previous candle.

In the second case, volume is scaled per the number of candles contained in the window, where the biggest histogram bar will correspond to the biggest volume at price of the entire data series inside the window, thus visually representing volumes accurately.

Let me know if this requires further explanation. Thanks!

After reviewing this post, our developers have concluded that at this time it is not possible to display Optimus Flow’s cluster charts for each bar scaled per data series, but they think this is a great idea and will implement something similar down the line.

Thanks for your suggestion!
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