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Cluster chart questions

  • On the imbalance type what does R/L and R/H mean?

  • At the top of the price bar, what does the caret ^ and down caret mean?


  • In the Time Statistics area, is it possible to change the font size and color? They’re very difficult to read.


  • Is it possible to aggregate ticks into say 4 ticks (1 handle) per number bar?

Hello @Kickinit,

Thanks for your quesitons!

R/H and R/L are essentially ratios between the high and low prices of your cluster charts. Please see below:

The caret at the top of your screen can fluctuate. A green arrow means your chart is displaying a green candle with a negative delta. It can also display the opposite.

At this time, the time statistics field you mentioned cannot be customized graphically.

In regards to this question, we do have the ability to add a custom tick size via Chart Settings > Use Custom Tick size or by navigating to Volume Analysis Settings > Custom Step (ticks).

Let me know if these answers help!
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