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Cluster chart Right Profile Questions

  • Outside RTH, what is considered Today?

  • Outside RTH, what is considered Yesterday?


  • Outside RTH, when I click Today all other timeframe volume data disappears. Is that right?

  • Is there a setting that will give me the full volume Outside RTH (like Today but outside RTH)?


Hey Jake. I still don’t understand how to use the timeframes.

  • Right now, it’s 6:07pm PST which is 2:07am UTC.

  • I select Today, I get no volume bars on a cluster chart nor in my DOM.

  • I select Yesterday, I get bars.

  • If I select both Yesterday and Today, there are no bars.

  • I stopped getting bars, I believe, at 4pm which is midnight UTC. It kind of looks like the app is using PST for the date but the data is in UTC tomorrow so the dates don’t match.

I hope that helps.