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Cluster chart Right Profile Questions

  • Outside RTH, what is considered Today?

  • Outside RTH, what is considered Yesterday?


  • Outside RTH, when I click Today all other timeframe volume data disappears. Is that right?

  • Is there a setting that will give me the full volume Outside RTH (like Today but outside RTH)?


Hey Jake. I still don’t understand how to use the timeframes.

  • Right now, it’s 6:07pm PST which is 2:07am UTC.

  • I select Today, I get no volume bars on a cluster chart nor in my DOM.

  • I select Yesterday, I get bars.

  • If I select both Yesterday and Today, there are no bars.

  • I stopped getting bars, I believe, at 4pm which is midnight UTC. It kind of looks like the app is using PST for the date but the data is in UTC tomorrow so the dates don’t match.

I hope that helps.

Hi @Kickinit,

What time zone settings do you have applied to the platform in general settings? Many of the time configuration options on Optimus Flow are based around general time settings.

In regards to your first question, today and yesterday are the actual days themselves, not the trading sessions.

If you need to configure settings for RTH hour and overnight sessions, you may need to consider using the Custom Sessions under TPO Chart Settings > Custom Sessions (enable/disable show out of session history as needed).

Can you provide an example of no data displaying when yesterday and today settings are enabled? I’ve tried this myself and it seems to show me POC values and Value areas for each seperate date selected.

The more information and more screenshots, the easier it is to answer issues like this!

Optimus Futures

Thanks @Mod-JakeM. Here’s some screenshots before 4pm PST and after. Spoiler, the Today volume bars disappeared at 4pm.

I also found another oddity, when volume is set to Today, the low of the volume bars ends on the low of the 3pm session but the High of the volume bars ends at the High of the day back to 12am PST.

On a hunch, I did a screen recording right before 4pm. And it shows the Today bars disappearing at 4pm. I can send it to you or post it to Youtube. Thanks for your help.

Before 4pm. Today and Yesterday volume bars visible.

Before 4pm. Low of Today volume bars begins at 3pm session low, not full day like the High bars extend to.

Before 4pm. Shows the High of the full day and volume bars extending to the High.

Before 4pm. Same phenomenon on the DOM.

After 4pm. Today volume bars are now gone.

After 4pm. Yesterday volume bars still show previous calendar day. I imagine it will change at midnight.

After 4pm PST. When Today is selected, neither Today nor Yesterday bars are visible.

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Hey @Mod-JakeM

Just checking in to see if this was confirmed an issue and if it’s in the queue to get fixed?

I want to use OptimusFlow to its fullest capability but between market re-open and midnight PST I’ve got no useful market volume.

Thanks for any info.

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