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CME-Direct Futures Trading Platform


Hi Optimus Futures, I did not see on your pages the CME Direct trading software. Do you guys offer it, and what is the cost of data?


Hello @Soji, we do offer CME direct. There is no cost associated with the platform and you pay $5 per exchange if you are a non-professional. Typically, these platforms are asked for by small commercial accounts. Is there a specific reason you wish to utilize it?

Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Thank you. I was looking for a simple platform to execute orders. It says it does black trades and I want to have multiple markets.


The “block” on CME direct refers to those who do OTC transactions and middle offices. You could use the CME Direct platform but it does not have margins, rather it is positions and clip size based. We could help you find a platform that fits your needs.

We provide platforms where you can create multiple accounts under the same login. Also, we can create a block account for allocations if you have an IRA/Individual, etc.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures
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