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CME Hosting Chicago


Hi there,

I would like to know if you provide any monitoring services for your servers,heart beat,trade alerts, auto backups?


Hello [MENTION=953]tomerino1[/MENTION], are you referring to our Aurora CME service, or the the Chicago one.
Also, the questions above refer to the hosting side, or more on your side where you monitor it.



I was referring to the Chicago server. I was referring to the hosting side, are you offering any backups? is it automated?

do you offer any application that monitor trading activity and sending SMS alerts?

  • no backup of the VPS for obvious privacy/security reasons .
  • we can SMS/email alerts if the VPS is unreachable (free service), for specific needs we’ll have to code something (with additional $$)


Can you please provide latency numbers.


You mean the distance between the Chicago server and Rithmic gateways servers? this is typically 1ms or lower.