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Commodity Trading Advisor Back Office Capabilities


I am in the process of becoming a CTA and I was wondering if you guys help with the back office capabilities as far as account opening and trade allocations. I am interested knowing in particular if your office does manual allocations (office I can talk to) or you have the capability to do it via software?
If you could also let me know of your due diligence for approval of CTAs.



we wish you well in the pursuit of your career. First, you need to get the NFA acceptance letter where we inturn submit it to our FCM’s compliance. They will OK you or request additional info before final approval.

We can provide you with both options where there is a direct flow through to customer’s
accounts and/or back office allocation. However, we highly recommend to use a human verification for all your trading. Always worth having another set eyes.

In the event you are approved, we will help you and your customers in
establishing their trading accounts with your CTA.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.