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Concurrent Rtrader Logins across different machines?

Hi there, how can I have concurrent Rtrader sessions, upon different machines.

I like to test my strategies, simulated testing against live market data. I have thousands of strategies I want to test. Unfortunately, my machine can handle about a thousand live strategies, before it comes unstable. Ideally, I’d like to continuously test about 3000 strategies, which means I need a concurrent Rtrader connection on three different machines. Then, for my production strategies live trading to my account, I like to place these strategies on its own machine as well. Therefore, I’d like to have four concurrent Rtrader connections going during the market, spread across four different machine.

How to do? Thanks

Hello @Paragon_Partners, and welcome to our community forum. Our concern is that the amount of computing power your systems require may be too high, and they might be “draining” to Rithmic in terms of the data they require. We have seen instances where Rithmic has disconnected demo devices because they had reached their full capacity of historical data. Such methods could affect the entire population of demo users.

If you are a trading customer of Optimus Futures, we will consult with Rithmic to see what exchange data rules apply; this is especially important if you plan to connect your demo terminal to a production account.

From a practical perspective, I recommend contacting Rithmic directly to discuss your needs. If you are using their API and need some HFT/low latency execution, their advice and hosting capabilities may be of help. If you are a retail trader who wants to compete in that space, which we never recommend, you will be up against “mammoths” that have a fraction of your cost per transaction and can achieve speeds that are nearly impossible for you to match. We are a retail operation and find these types of setups time-consuming, and often those who want them lack the resources in our experience.

We hope this information helps you to make the best possible decisions for your futures trading.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures